Work With Me

Hello! I'm Theresa Goodrich, the local tourist behind Drive By Towns and the boss at The Local Tourist. I'm an Emmy-winning writer and publisher who took a hobby and turned it into a full-time business. Now I'm using my degree in Journalism and my love for travel on this new site exploring hidden gems and the spaces in between.

About Drive By Towns

Drive By Towns launched on October 22, 2016. Since then I've been laying the groundwork and now I'm ready to hit the road and help others find inspiration for their travels. My belief is that wanderlust fulfilled leads to a better life and a better world. I've taken several road trips, including the Mother Road of them all, and I know that there are destinations everywhere with lots to share. There's no such thing as a Drive By Town!

Work With Me

Whether you're looking to promote a product or service, learn social media, or inspire travelers to visit your destination, I can help.

Sponsored posts

I'll write a custom article for you that’s designed to get people excited about your product, service, destination, or event. Each sponsored article is incorporated seamlessly into our content and is shared repeatedly on social media.

Social media campaigns

Drive By Towns' social media presence is new, but it's mighty. The engagement on alone makes that account the definition of micro-influencer. I've already got ~6000 followers in just 6 months. Want to see more numbers? Check out The Local Tourist and its reach of over 40,000 through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I can schedule custom updates, promote products and brand messages, participate in your travel chat, and host contests and giveaways.

Destination marketing

My main focus is promoting tourism, so if you're a destination you've come to the right place. I can either participate in a scheduled FAM/Press trip, or we can coordinate an exclusive multi-day tour. Multiple aspects of your destination will be covered, with shares on social media, photographs that will highlight your best, and articles covering all aspects of my visit.  I will provide:

  • A Destination overview
  • Accommodations reviews (hotels, B&B's, campgrounds, resorts, etc.)
  • Dining & Nightlife reviews
  • Local flair
  • Activities, Festivals, and Things To Do reviews

Your destination will receive a link on our Destinations drop-down menu, so people searching for places to go can easily find everything you have to offer. I can also create an exclusive, inclusive downloadable e-book guide for your destination. BONUS: While I'm there, we can schedule a social media training session with your local businesses before or after I tour your destination. Rates vary based on what is requested, and all travel expenses should be covered.

Product and Service Reviews

I am adamant about providing honest opinions with integrity. My audience knows this, so they trust me when I make a recommendation. Hire me to review your product or service and I'll write an honest, ethical review that's between 300 to 600 words. 

Brand ambassadorship

Looking for a long-term relationship? If I love what you do, I'm not afraid of commitment! Contact me below to discuss a brand ambassadorship.

Travel Photography

My passion for capturing places and experiences with words is matched by my desire to show that beauty through images. All photographs on this site are mine (unless otherwise stated). My images are available for licensing, and any destination marketing includes custom photography. 

Content provider

With a degree in Journalism and several years of creating content for The Local Tourist as well as NBC5 Chicago,,, and more, I can deliver a professional message for your company's blog and social media channels.

Social media training

If you want to learn how to reach more people through social media, I can help. I've built engaged, active communities on both The Local Tourist and Drive By Towns, and I'll share what I've learned with you. I've taught others to grow their followings one-on-one and in group settings and I'll customize a training that fits your needs.