Two Lane Gems, Vol. 1

Two Lane Gems, Vol. 1

Two Lane Gems is a love letter to America. It's a collection of stories and vignettes, inspiration and information, designed to showcase the beauty of this country. It's taking the exit and entering a world of pride and change and survival. It's a tale of kindness and indomitable spirit.

It's also a dream come true.

Ever since I was a little girl I've wanted to travel the country and tell its stories in prose and photos. I'm making that dream a reality with an epic road trip covering 6,000+ miles from Elgin, IL, to San Diego, CA, and back. My (amazingly supportive) husband and I left the Chicago area February 17 and returned on March 19, and along the way we collected stories, experiencing as many places as possible, and captured it all in words, images, and videos.

Now that we've returned the real work begins. I'm taking all of those experiences and sharing the stories here and - here comes the big dream - I'm writing a book about the journey. This culmination will showcase the people we've met and the places we've seen. There will be a hardcover coffee table book, a paperback edition, an e-book, and an audio book.

To make this love letter to America a reality we've got a crowdfunding campaign. We are not asking you to donate - instead, we are asking for you to pre-order your copy of "Two Lane Gems, Vol. 1." You can choose from the e-book, digital and print photography, paperback book, the coffee table book, or all of the above. By pre-ordering your copy you'll save at least 50% and you'll have a beautiful keepsake. Plus, you'll help make that little girl's dream come true!

Save 50% off the cover price when you pre-order your copy (for a limited time). Estimated publication: Fall, 2017.

Pre-order your copy today!

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