Road Trips


As we got back on I-40 for the short drive, relatively speaking, to Albuquerque, I thought about everything we’d seen an

Blue Hole of Santa Rosa

There are no two ways around it: I-40 through the Texas panhandle is a beast. That’s primarily because there are no two ways around it.

Bison in the distance at Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

We’d driven under an overcast sky all morning and into the afternoon, but by the time we entered the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Western Oklahoma all was clear and blue except for one orph

Sign for Thomas Ranch in Oklahoma

You know how you feel when you’ve been going non-stop, pushing yourself and getting no sleep and eating everything you’r

Red truck on an open road

One of the biggest expenses of any road trip is gas.

Mardi Gras Parade in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

I have no idea what the rest of Arkansas is like, but I get the feeling it's not like Eureka Springs.

Resident cat at 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

We piled back into Mae, full of pizza and wings and carrying a Styrofoam-encased gigantic pork tenderloin "for the road," courtesy of Roadhouse Bar & Grill.

We took a Kia Sorento on a 31-day, 6500 mile road trip and have decided it's the perfect road trip car. It handled everything we threw at it with ease.

Day 2 began early. It was still pitch black outside and roosters were crowing as I made a pot of coffee and began reading the guest book.

It was Day 1 and we were already behind schedule. We had just pulled out of

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